The discovery of design is always a learning process
- but ultimately, what matters most to me is that my designs will influence and impact people’s lives.

I bring creativity into life. Everything I imagine comes with passion and a pair of wings.
Once it’s ready, I set it free to reach new heights!

My life is ever changing, so I continually reflect who I am in my designs. I create to share ideas, design to improve lives and make this world a better place for all of us.

Some Fun Facts

Cups of Coffee
Major cities used to be my home: London, Paris and Belo Horizonte (BR)
Countries know my designs: US & Italy
Most spoken idioms: English & Portuguese
Unique jewelry designs for Loop Bijou in 2011
Spring - I fell in love with design

Acomplishments and On Going Projects.

2014/Present – Graphic Designer Freelancer
2014/Present – Social Media & Graphic Designer at
2014/Present – Staff member and Writer at
2013/2014 – Kitchen & Furniture Designer at
2014 Photographed Collection for Folli Follie’s store located in Favara, Italy
2011/2013 – Founder and Jewelry Designer at
2010/2015 – Administrative Assistant at Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, Drexel University

Get to know me.

Nothing amazes me more than the capability we have to be creative. Our minds are incredible.

Your talent goes beyond a diploma, it goes farther than a status, the passion is what will make you move. When you do what you love, this love impulses you and it makes you take risks. The passion will make you switch paths, I can assure you this from my own experience. Back in high school days, I used to write books (that were never published) and I pursued the goal of being an Executive Manager or a Business Administrator. But life has funny ways to gather us to what we should concur and that’s not what I ended up doing.

I moved to the US in 2010 and that’s when the discovery of my career as a product designer started. My very first job was in Philadelphia as an Administrative Assistant at Drexel University, this incredible opportunity changed my life once for all.

English was still a new language for me and I could barely communicate over the phone! But I overcame my fears and as I became more familiar with English, I embraced the opportunity to take classes at Drexel after work hours and during my lunch breaks. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! Although uncertain of what was yet to come, I took an Intro Drawing class through my own department, Art & Art History – which I will also be eternally grateful for. That-was-it! This one introductory class which I took for fun, shifted my vision. I enrolled in the Product Design program, I fell in love with design com-ple-te-ly.

Up to this very day, I still do graphic design and social media work for Greznet daily. I have designed furniture for Cucine della Nonna, which is located in Favara, Italy. You can see my biography and profile on their website at

You can see more of what I have been designing for them and other customers on my blog posts, under the “work” tab above and as you scroll down this page.

Would you like to know what the CEOs, my clients and professors say about me? Please scroll down to “testimonials”.

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This is me on the right designing my wallpaper for my own house with Simone Rosseti at Color Point, Brazil.

“When you love something, even the process becomes fun, the journey is just as pleasant as the result.”

"I encourage you to design what you see and feel. Write it down somewhere, paint it, take a picture, make a song out of it, craft your inspirations, let your creativity decide which way you should go. All done? Great! Sit back and relax, let’s watch how this is going to impact the World! That’s how I design."

Michelle Moskalenko

From the Blog

My Self-Portrait @ Westphal College, Drexel University

Let me start by telling you that I was really surprised to see my pixelated self-portrait in exhibition at the URBN Center, Drexel University. When my professor, Stuart Fineman, asked me if he could keep my artwork to exhibit it in a small gallery located at the Academic Building, Drexel University (on the 5th floor where I took my Design 101 classes), I thought this was going to be it… I guess I was wrong, happily wrong!

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Figure Ground Reversal

Concept:  term used in a two-dimensional work, in which the relationship between a form or figure and its background is reversed so that what was figure becomes background and what was background becomes figure.

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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you just about everywhere.

Albert Einstein

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