A simple solution to a BIG problem


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As human beings, we have an amazing way of adapting ourselves to weather, environment, physical, mental and many other types of changes. The adaptation might not be comfortable or pleasant but we do have the power to adjust ourselves to situations. Once we adapt to a change, it becomes easier to tolerate it until a solution is pointed out! Once we discover that the adaptation phrase can be better though an innovative idea, the current “comfort” is no longer a comfort. Every single day we will be using a product or a service that does not satisfy our needs 100%. That’s why you and I need innovation in our lives. The more comfortable we are with the tools we use and the more efficient they are, the more positive results we will have, the more we will enjoy and appreciate what we have around us.

 The small steps of innovation leads us to big changes and today, I would like to inspire you to be aware of the small things around you that could be changed to improve your neighborhood, your city or your own comfort.

A great example of that is this innovative design concept that features a unique double-deck geometry that allows two persons to share an armrest in places such as the aircraft cabin, trains or theaters.



This incredible concept has won a number of high-profile international design awards including the Crystal Cabin Award, Red Dot Award, Good Design Award and the A’ Design Award.

Many of us have been in long flights, wishing a little bit more of comfort. This reason only, is enough to cause anyone huge anxiety. We can uncomfortably adapt to the situation as we already do but, our flight experiences can be significantly increased through this unique concept.

It’s a simple change like this one that will significantly improve the quality of our lives.

So the question that I live for you today is: what product or service you have or use can be better through innovation?

Resource: http://www.paperclipdesign.hk/