Drexel Photoshoot

Project Details

The Campus of Drexel University is divided into: four sites in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — the University City Campus, the Center City Hahnemann Campus, the Queen Lane College of Medicine Campus, and the Academy of Natural Sciences; and one in California — the Drexel University Sacramento Campus.

The focus of my photo shoot was the Main Building, located at Market Street.

The University City Main Campus is located just west of the Schuylkill River. The campus reaches: from Chestnut St. in the south to Powelton Ave in the north; and from the Amtrak rail yard in the east to 34th St. in the west. The campus originally consisted of only the Main Building, dedicated in 1891, and its additions. The Main Building’s facade is decorated with glazed architectural terra-cotta pattern reliefs and architectural sculptures.

In the 1960s the campus expanded greatly and several new buildings were constructed, mainly in the International Style, with orange brick facades. Since then the University has bought nearly all the remaining buildings within the campus perimeter, and has adaptively reused many of them for academic and residential purposes. The university has since built another wave of new buildings, primarily in the Modern and Postmodern styles, with metal and glass facades.

North of the Drexel campus lies the Powelton Village district, a neighborhood of primarily Victorian homes. Drexel’s continued efforts to expand the university and its dormitories have brought them into conflict with the Powelton Village Civic Association, which has attempted to block university projects on several occasions.