Glass Vase Makeover

This tutorial will teach you how you can personalize and decorate your home by making your glass vases and jars look really fancy!


Materials you will need:

* 1 (ceramic or glass) vase or a sad jar
* Spray paint. I used gloss white.
* Rubber band. I used one type of rubber band (but feel free to mix thicknesses and different sizes).

vases2 (1)

Start by wrapping the rubber bands around the vase.

2012-04-25_20-07-02_652 (1)

For a dramatic look, place them diagonally and overlap them.

2012-04-25_20-10-19_552 (1)

Spray paint it and let it dry for a couple of hours.

2012-04-25_20-12-11_70 (1)

Once you see that the paint is dry, remove the rubber bands.

2012-04-25_22-35-52_218 (1)

Here is the vase without the rubber bands! You can also make shine brighter by adding elements around it such as a paintings, small decorative objects and even combine it with other vases. Sky is the limit!

2012-04-25_22-41-33_848 (1)
2012-04-25_22-40-03_830 (1)