Michelle @ Cucine della Nonna

technical drawing

I had the pleasure to work for Cucine della Nonna/Escooh located in Italy, for one year. Although Escooh designs haven’t arrived in the US (yet!), I managed to work for this amazing company remotely and had the honor to do a presentation for their audience in June of 2014 where I met incredible people and had the unique opportunity to explore Favara & Agrigento.

The images on the left are from their website, where you can access my profile as well as order their designs, including my bookshelf (UPDATE: Alpha Bookshelf is no longer available for sale – please see screenshot on the left of when it was available through Escooh). I have designed some other projects for them that are still on going and hopefully you will be able to see them here soon.

The furniture I have designed for Cucine della Nonna/Escooh is available for purchase.

Buy it here