My Business Card

I have created my own business card with the purpose of keeping in touch with some awesome connections that have been crossing my path and to also be able to provide my information on hand. My goal was to make it look creative, playful and still, make the main message clear. The colors I used are the same colors that I used for my website. It was the way I found to create my identity and brand myself.

I vectored a picture of mine a little while ago and just love the cartoonish look of it so you will be seeing this vector image in some areas of my website and in some other networking places too!

Michelle bC

I was planning on making a double-sided business card and I was going to use I have created below on the back of my card. See? You never know exactly how your projects will end, it’s just the way design works, it’s fun to let happy accidents happen along the way. I gave up on the idea because I kind of liked the front of business card horizontally more than vertically but tell me what you think, I’d love to hear it.