Palazzo Fanara Design Presentations – Italy

Client: Escool & Cucine Della Nonna

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Michelle's Profile

Favara, Italy – June, 2014

I was invited by Antonio Rizzuto, the CEO of Escool & Cucine della Nonna, to travel to Italy and give a presentation on my personal journey as a designer and to also share a bit of my knowledge in furniture design and design in general.

I had a wonderful time sharing ideas and getting inspired by amazing local artists, architects, designers, photographers and journalists.

I would like to thank Antonio Rizzuto, Lello Romano, Diego DiCaro, Salvatore, Rosalva, Lina Barba, Alessandro Cacciato for the opportunity to work with them and be able to learn so much about their culture! I cannot wait to come back to learn more from them and of course, have the phenomenal local made sorbet with all of them again!