Rocking Horse Makeover

This lovely rocking horse needed some repairs and a nice makeover! It was broken when I got it and I wanted to bring it back to life to give it as a gift to a lovely baby girl, Angelina. I rescued him and had a lot of fun redoing it. Now if you don’t have a broken horse in need of a repair, it’s okay, just find something you can re-do and apply the tips given in this tutorial!


This tutorial will be really easy to follow! I used almost one skein of that fluffy loopy yarn(purple), one can of spray paint (satin light yellow), stickers (alphabet & flowers), hot glue and sandpaper.


The whole process was fairly simple. I started by removing everything that were in my way and sanded the old coat of varnish off. Once done with sanding, I cleaned up all the dust caused by it (this is a critical step because you want to make sure the paint will stick well to the wood). I painted the little horse over with a pastel yellow spray paint. I let the paint dry for about a week to then add all the cute details!


To add the comfy loopy yarn, all I did was apply the hot glue doing a “zig-zag” movement and sort of pressed the yarn against the wood to make sure all the spaces were filled. I did not apply hot glue on the sides so that the loopy yarns would just fall on the sides.


Once the comfy loopy yarn was added, It was now time to finish it by applying the stickers and flowers. I can’t help it, I just love this step!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!