Sevenside Project

This was a freelance work I did for a client. He sent me the image below for inspiration as well as the blue color to work on the project.


As we went through the first sketches, he decided he liked the design without any details better.


Now it was time to choose the flames for the chandelier. I sent him a few examples and he picked the one he liked the most with my personal opinion. It’s always good to help and guide your clients :)

flame selected

Once he picked the flames, it was time to choose the font.


I gave him a few font options to choose from. He also asked me to make it all blue, including the flames, which I personally loved! He also asked me to remove the details from the silhouette and just make it all smooth.


The image below is the final result.


Once the logo was created, I designed a business card model for him as well. I very much enjoyed working on this project because I like when the client goes back and forth with me until we get to what he/she wants and even exceed his/her expectations, this is truly priceless. You can read his feedback under ‘testimonials’ on my website. Go take a look ;)