Typography Animation Video

Project Description

Typography is one of these things that I fell in love with since my first day of classes. 
The curves, shapes, loops, serifs, spurs all have their purposes, which amazes me when it’s all combined. It’s so beautiful how every tiny detail counts! I like how much a small thing matters when it comes to creating a font! I am even inspired to create a font family of my own handwriting, who knows?…

Two weeks… I had two weeks to pull it off, however  I have never made a typography animation before. I have never opened After Effects before either. I felt defeated and discouraged for a moment. 

Long story short, I was challenged to not just put the words together nicely but also create an animation with them for my final!

I downloaded Ae trial from the Adobe website, hoping I’d learn at least the basics to keep my head out of the water, I followed a couple of YouTube tutorials to learn a few tricks but I wasn’t confident enough to make a full animation through Ae just yet. It was too much to learn in such short period of time. So that’s when I stopped, took a deep breath, thought for a moment and had in idea! I will make an animation using … … … … POWERPOINT! Yes! PowerPoint! And it worked!
Some people didn’t believe me when I said I used PowerPoint to do my animation! 
It was a lot of work, but at the end of the day I was so satisfied with the results that I don’t think I would have changed a thing if I had done it through a different program! 
There will always be a solution around the corner, that’s what I learned from this experience… 

Project Details

Duration 00:01:10 sec
Access the video on YouTube.MichelleAnimation.com

I had to follow some requirements like: 

Bodoni as my font type;
The video had to be longer than 1 min and only a few seconds longer – if necessary;
Use a phrase that contains either the word “chaos” or “structure”;
Being able to play wisely with negative space, font size and abstract shapes was a big plus;
Express extravagantly or discreetly through straight lines what chaos or structure means;
A background track was highly recommended.