"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antoine de Saint Exupéry


I can finally cross that out of my wish list! I have designed my own wallpaper and my best friend Simone (who lives in Brazil and has a graphic design company called ColorPoint) helped me bring my design into life!
I named this design Grateful, because this is how I feel about everything that has been happening to me. God, I am genuinely grateful! 
The very first thing I did was to sketch some ideas. The final sketch was the one below. I also cut out the shape and filled it with a black sharpie.


This is Simone. The most beautiful soul I have ever met. I met Simone when I was living in London, in 2007. From that year on, we built up such a strong friendship that endures and overcomes the struggles of being divided by an ocean! She current lives in Brazil, and I live in the US. We talk every week. ***I love you Simone! 


This is Sofia, Simone’s daughter.
She is always smiling. She is such a sweet baby!


The Process

After spending some time with my friends, it was time to get some work done so we went to ColorPoint to print out my wallpaper, YAY!


The machine on the right made the cuts and then Simone and I pilled the stickers to create the wallpaper. We had so much fun!


It required a little bit of patience but it was so worth it! Most of all, it felt really good to be part of the project from the beginning to the end.


I want to send special thanks to Simone and her husband, who were both a major picture to make this project happen, I feel honored.


I highly recommend any designer to be part of the whole process of your designs. There’s nothing more magic than the feeling of accomplishment. You will learn through the process about materials, tools, steps that you had no idea were important to make it all come true. You will end up doing some projects yourself, you might be surprised!


This was my first wallpaper design but it won’t be the last one…


The designs below are the patterns I created with the motif.

grateful me123

To experiment, I could: use other colors, textures or even overlap the motif.
There’s nothing I would take away from this motif but there will always be something else I can add to make it look even more beautiful without taking away the meaning of it.

The Design

I have designed the wallpaper to go to a blank half wall I have in my family room. I haven’t placed the wallpaper/stickers on the wall yet but this is going to be in part B of this post as I go along with it. I have made a digital version of the wallpaper in a living room so you can have an approximately idea of what I am planning to do! How do you like it?