Water Bottle Vase


Changing the Ordinary – When it comes to innovation, ideas and products are the subject themselves. But new concepts can also be done through recycling. It’s possible to innovate by re-purposing what already exists.

The reality is, when you are processing things in your mind, you are recycling your thoughts and filtering ideas. That being said,my Eco-friendly Water Bottle Vase is one of these recycling thoughts.


Influence – Design is a way of thinking and it’s possible to help people improve their behaviors by pointing out what they haven’t noticed or even seen before. With this Eco-friendly design, people are encouraged to recycle a bottle of water that would normally be thrown away. It takes small steps to make big differences and I strongly believe that we can make the world a better place by doing our part.


Understand the Concept – Now you have a beautiful reason to recycle your used water bottles in style! This Eco-friendly vase is a silhouette of a regular soda bottle which integrates a small slot on the top to hold the neck. The slot size is standard and should be able to accommodate many different types of bottles. The body of the vase is significantly wider than the regular bottles out there. The design is 4” wide which gives the bottle plenty of room to be slid back and forth along the slot.


Elegance that Encourages – This design will help consumers find another purpose to use an ordinary object. The concept is all about beauty with practical use and encourages people to recycle and bring some personality to their living spaces. This simple and intriguing design can also be subject of complements and start great playful conversations around the table.

One of the best features of the Water Bottle vase is that users get to see that a bottle can be used in different ways. The wood brings this natural element and the leaf cut out share along the sides completes the aesthetics of this Eco-friendly design.


I have written this article for the Sicily Technology Journal. You can access the article here.