YUE Trash Can

Project Details

Tasks: Concept, Design & Development

YUE Trash Can – This modern 2 in 1 Trash Can was designed to fit in any space! It’s compact and it looks like a piece of furniture which makes it flow with any home décor! With a clean and unusual design – which features a slide in/out drawer and a compartment on the top with a lid -  this 2 in 1 bin, can be used as a recycle bin as well as a regular trash can simultaneously. Made of polyethylene material, this amazing item can be easily transported because of its light weight. Polyethylene is a good insulator, it resists caustic materials, it’s almost unbreakable and is environment-friendly. Polyethylene is reliable under every circumstance and it can easily deal high and low temperatures. This tough material is hard, strong, and safe. Yet it is remarkably light and it can be processed into all kinds of articles without any problem. With all that in mind, the 2 in 1 Trash Can was developed to accommodate and exceed people’s needs. This stunning product is 53” high, 25” wide, and 30” deep. The lid is attached to the frame by two pins that are secured with two pin caps for easy assemblage.